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Wedding Songs of the Future

I’ve been to more weddings for people I don’t know than people I do know. Being asked to sing someone’s first dance song *is* nerve-wracking but a huge honour.

So I’ve made a few predictions for wedding songs of the future:

Fun fact: Some people don’t even pick a wedding song. Did you know that? They just let the band pick. Always surprises me.

(BRAND NEW) Jason Mraz – I won’t give up

‘Cause even the stars they burn
Some even fall to the earth
We’ve got a lot to learn
God knows we’re worth it
No, I won’t give up

I love this song already. The vocal moves the track forward with the perfect amount of momentum and tension. The slight lisp on the sh’s, the traditional country harmonies in the final few choruses and his incredible range make for a great track. This is the kind of tune that a cover band can easily mangle as the subtleties are essential. Love.

If you’ve never listened to Jason past his singles, I highly recommend picking up Tonight, Not Again: Jason Mraz Live or Beautiful Mess: Live on Earth. You don’t believe the depth and versatility of his voice until you see it (hear it) live.

Kina Grannis – In Your Arms

Just really effing cute. If someone ever asked me to sing this I’d be impressed and super happy. Also, the video is entirely made of Jelly Bellys. The making of In Your Arms video is ridiculous. Thanks to Gloria for sharing this!

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga – The Lady Is a Tramp

Ok, I know this isn’t new. And it’s not your typical wedding song – but hey! – people have wedding receptions. Did you know that I play in a band that does wedding receptions in Toronto? *small plug* I love how Gaga is game for anything and holds her own with the legendary Tony Bennett.

 What are some of your favourite wedding songs? 

8 thoughts on “Wedding Songs of the Future

  1. Anonymous

    So, I’m obsessed with weddings. And picking songs for weddings. I have an entire YouTube playlist (mostly curated by my friend Steve, music-choosing superstar) that I add to whenever something new catches my eye. I absolutely LOVE your picks. Two that I’m really into are the cover of I’ve Got You Babe by Night Bird and the cover of My First, Last, Everything by Josh Radin. Yes, both were suggested by Tiffany & Co on their what makes love true website. I told you I was a sucker for weddings!

    1. Kat Langdon

      Haha you and Stella! I’ve never been obsessed with weddings. When/if I get married I’m fully ok with getting one of you (or my friend Amanda Burcul who is a PRO) to help. I can just point and pick things ;)

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