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This Week on Twitter



  • Great gig. Great people. Great food. Very happy :) ->
  • Playing a wonderful gig at Archeo in the Distillery for Kraft. What incredible food! ->
  • Tonight’s performance venue: Archeo in the Distillery ->
  • I wish it were possible to live off baguettes, good cheese and wine. ->
  • Meeting @AmandaBurcul for brunch at Wish then a gig at the Distillery tonight. Heck yes :) ->
  • I’m actually extremely proud of the new website I built. WordPress is fun :) ->
  • I’ve booked gig before, but not like this. I feel like I should frame it :) [except I want the money] ->
  • Kind of in love with my new @JoeFresh coat. ->
  • Hey @takeamegabite, tell your guest hello from a Canadian relative! ->
  • Oh, is it Valentines Day? ->
  • Officially headed to Chicago in June for @IABC World Conference! #iabc12 ->
  • Rolling in the Deep…DISCO?! cc:@stellahklee @bwilso42 ->
  • Last night my brain wouldn’t shut off so I decided to power through and finish the band’s website. Thoughts? ->
  • I feel like I really should visit @langdon_hall one day. Family name and all. Are there many vegetarian dining options? ->
  • The irony of groundhog day is at maximum levels. Well played, universe. Picking up, moving on :) ->
  • Days like today I wish I had a different kind of blog. ->
  • HELP: Which nice restaurants are good for out of towners to get the Toronto experience? ->
  • HA! Misdirected tweet but it would be true –> @WhenrainsitPORZ: how the hell did i get stuck with @kat in groups again for math #killme ->
  • Polishing. Least favourite part of the dentist. ->
  • I got a gold star at the dentist! Not literally. Although I should have :) ->
  • Every time I have a dentist appointment, something dramatic happens the day before. Very strange. Right on cue – appointment 8am tmrw. ->
  • Tune in to @rickmercer to see Canadian Trampoline Team @JasonBurnett_ @RosieMacLennan @Karen_Cockburn + @springfree! RIGHT NOW! ->
  • I’ve recently developed a taste for honey cruller timbits. I feel like I’m too young for this. (@erinbury…I’m sorry) ->
  • Smoked my head off a chalkboard in my kitchen. I think I can do long division now. ->
  • I’m so hungry, I just liked Triscuits on Facebook. ->

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