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Freedom 27

So I quit my day job.

No burying the lede here. 

It’s been one week since I left the trampolines* and it flew by.

Despite my #freedom27 (credit: Olivia) I managed to pack my week. There’s a lot of work to be done and I need to remember to be patient with myself. Busy isn’t always better.

Still, I’m working on building my book of charts, finishing my new website design and, oh yeah, moving in 19 days. OMG I’M MOVING IN 19 DAYS…I haven’t started packing.

As I get a handle on that, I’m also teaching music lessons in Etobicoke and Thornhill** and will start to work on booking more gigs.

The reason I’m not entirely freaked out yet is this new schedule allows me a healthy dose of time to take care of myself. Working out every day, eating when I’m hungry and getting a full eight hours sleep.

I’m a happier me and it will make all of this change a lot easier.

Oh and blogging. Don’t forget blogging.

* See what I did there, Saugar? :)

**I still have three lesson spots available if you know of anyone looking!

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