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Blackfish: Watch It.

I just finished watching Blackfish on Netflix and I recommend you find a way to watch it over the holidays. No, it’s not a happy film, but you will need some time to digest and think. You already know how bad parks like Seaworld and Marineland are but this documentary is also a great look into the people who care for orcas and the connection they have to these magnificent animals.  Continue reading


My Favourite Christmas Albums 2013

No posts lately! I’ve been busy with Lady Be Good but we’re just about to wind down for the holidays. I love Christmas. My first try at singing was in our local Christmas Pagent (shoutout Kingsway kids) and I’ve had a soft spot for Christmas ever since. (See: My favourite 90′s Christmas videos).

I’m a little picky on Christmas albums though. You can tell the difference between a thoughtful and creative christmas album vs. one thrown together to fulfill an artist’s contract. There’s nothing worse than a contractual Christmas album. Continue reading

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Lady Be Good + Updates

Well hey there its been a while! Buckle up: there’s news. The summer brought a lot of (healthy) change and the prospect of a few new exciting projects. News first, life updates last.

News Item #1: About a year ago, after several requests from event planners and booking agents,  I hastily formed a little trio for weddings and corporate functions creatively named The Kat Langdon Trio. I’m proud to announce the group now has a better name and branding AND is a real-deal boutique entertainment company.

Introducing: Lady Be GoodContinue reading

How to Sing with a Cold

Photo 2013-04-28 7 44 01 AM
Being sick sucks and it generally happens at the worst time. As I’m currently battling a sore throat (I’m long overdue for one, it’s been over a year!) I thought I’d share some of my tips for taking care of yourself to sing with a cold.

Remember, I’m no doctor and these are just general tips. Pay attention to how you feel and act accordingly. Continue reading

Singing with Serena Ryder in Toronto [VIDEO]

It may take me a while to digest the past couple days but last night was  fun/exciting/blurry, or as my grandma would say – a total hoot!



Yesterday put my phone through its paces. Between Facebook messages, posts, likes, shares, tweets, Instagrams, emails and texts I don’t think I’ve ever received so many notifications in my life! Thank you all for your support, it’s a little overwhelming and completely lovely.

Serena Ryder and Kat Toronto April 11 2013

A lot of you have been asking me how the day went and luckily, it’s a short story (in a good way)! Continue reading