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Wedding Songs of the Future

I’ve been to more weddings for people I don’t know than people I do know. Being asked to sing someone’s first dance song *is* nerve-wracking but a huge honour.

So I’ve made a few predictions for wedding songs of the future:

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What You Missed This Week



- Everyone has fleeting moments of self-doubt. Sometimes all you need to do is take a moment to find some courage.

- Little did I know that the “fleeting” moment was just a precursor to the meltdown. Good thing I got that out of the way. Oh, and now I’m paranoid about the location of my wallet. Thanks Wednesday. OH! And I also saw AngelWalk Theatre’s Off Broadway On Stage. You missed it now – way to go.

- My bandmate, Dave Statham, gave a birthday gift to himself. In song.

- I decided to stop being dramatic and talk about blogging. A short list of Toronto blog friends and a request to send me more to read. Do it. I like lists.

A weekend of holiday parties. Fingers crossed I survive.

[VIDEO] Happy Birthday Dave Statham!




…here’s a little birthday gift – from yourself.

Happy Birthday Dave!

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