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This Week on Twitter

  • business card :) http://t.co/nm1s44yd ->
  • Everybody calm down, @scottyhons is now on pinterest. ->
  • Pre-dinner aps and drinks before @dancap‘s In The Heights! ->
  • LOL to the guy on AM680 for pronouncing it “mee-mee” #meme ->
  • OMG snow!! ->
  • Great night in Toronto. Distillery District, you did me proud. ->
  • Two beautiful nights in one week at the Distillery. I’m hooked! #love ->
  • Ok Toronto, we’re showing you off to California girls, @rachelakay and @nataliekeiko tonight – be on your best behaviour and do me proud ;) ->
  • I get bonus points for my early 90s nerd humour… http://t.co/Y2TXzY6F ->
  • Someone please do a case study on #BellLetsTalk, what a phenomenal day for such an important issue. ->
  • Still beaming about my student getting the lead (Dorothy in the Wiz of Oz!!) in her school play. Nine yrs old. Takin’ names since ’02. ->
  • Hellloo!! :) RT @rachelakay: Hello Toronto! Brrrr! ->
  • My 9 yr old vocal student just told me she got the role of DOROTHY in the Wizard of Oz for her school play over all other grades! #proud ->
  • Do you have a need for jazz and ice cream? WELL…http://wp.me/p20egL-qy ->
  • Looking for salon recommendations, I need a fresh new look! Any suggestions, Twitter? ->
  • I really wish there were some way to watch @mrbradgoreski‘s show in Canada. ->
  • I am the pink power ranger: http://t.co/Y2TXzY6F #blog ->
  • Is this too much? http://t.co/Yg7dLwZf ->
  • There comes a point in every Chaka Khan record where you’re 98% sure she’s forgotten the song had words. ->
  • Facebook is targeting ads at me for ‘criminal record pardons’. I JUST SPED THAT ONE TIME! ->
  • It’s sad that I actually think Rachel McAdams is the dreamy one in this photo. What a look! #AntiTatum http://t.co/Z1jO5Ns4 ->
  • I sound like a commercial, but when you spend a lot of time in your car this sign can be comforting :) @timh http://t.co/QfyBFVMH ->
  • I think I just ordered a veggie burger to get fries. Best part of being an adult? No one can stop me. ->
  • Not trying to start trouble, but kind of dumbfounded that a world communications conference will have limited wifi access. #iabc12 ->
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This Week on Twitter



  • Great gig. Great people. Great food. Very happy :) ->
  • Playing a wonderful gig at Archeo in the Distillery for Kraft. What incredible food! ->
  • Tonight’s performance venue: Archeo in the Distillery http://t.co/EATDu2al ->
  • I wish it were possible to live off baguettes, good cheese and wine. ->
  • Meeting @AmandaBurcul for brunch at Wish then a gig at the Distillery tonight. Heck yes :) ->
  • I’m actually extremely proud of the new website I built. WordPress is fun :) http://www.brianroseband.com ->
  • I’ve booked gig before, but not like this. I feel like I should frame it :) [except I want the money] http://t.co/Vxy7wpkw ->
  • Kind of in love with my new @JoeFresh coat. http://t.co/8drN35oG ->
  • Hey @takeamegabite, tell your guest hello from a Canadian relative! http://t.co/4wZJj3cZ ->
  • Oh, is it Valentines Day? http://t.co/5fdxpGaS ->
  • Officially headed to Chicago in June for @IABC World Conference! #iabc12 ->
  • Rolling in the Deep…DISCO?! http://t.co/ntfCrF2p cc:@stellahklee @bwilso42 ->
  • Last night my brain wouldn’t shut off so I decided to power through and finish the band’s website. Thoughts? http://www.brianroseband.com ->
  • I feel like I really should visit @langdon_hall one day. Family name and all. Are there many vegetarian dining options? ->
  • The irony of groundhog day is at maximum levels. Well played, universe. Picking up, moving on :) ->
  • Days like today I wish I had a different kind of blog. ->
  • HELP: Which nice restaurants are good for out of towners to get the Toronto experience? ->
  • HA! Misdirected tweet but it would be true –> @WhenrainsitPORZ: how the hell did i get stuck with @kat in groups again for math #killme ->
  • Polishing. Least favourite part of the dentist. ->
  • I got a gold star at the dentist! Not literally. Although I should have :) ->
  • Every time I have a dentist appointment, something dramatic happens the day before. Very strange. Right on cue – appointment 8am tmrw. ->
  • Tune in to @rickmercer to see Canadian Trampoline Team @JasonBurnett_ @RosieMacLennan @Karen_Cockburn + @springfree! RIGHT NOW! ->
  • I’ve recently developed a taste for honey cruller timbits. I feel like I’m too young for this. (@erinbury…I’m sorry) ->
  • Smoked my head off a chalkboard in my kitchen. I think I can do long division now. ->
  • I’m so hungry, I just liked Triscuits on Facebook. ->
turning tables sheet music

This Week on Twitter

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Did you miss me?



If you read my last post you might think I’m off making huge progress on my album, too busy to blog, living the life.

Dinner while I blog. I have jam hands.

You’d also be wrong.

This week got away from me.

Or maybe I just cracked under the pressure of being named the Toronto blogger to watch.


I’m currently in the planning stages of my album: picking material, budgeting, researching, meeting with a network of musical friends and contacts. Progress is progress, no matter what it looks like to me.

Ok, sometimes I get distracted.

I’ve been working (I enjoy eating & paying rent), negotiating gigs, teaching, building a new website for the band, battling car insurance companies, working on my gigmasters account, writing guest blog posts (more on this soon) and oh!…having a social life.

I’ve got a lot to share about 2012 and if you’re in this for the long haul I’ll be here to document everything (probably through an Instagram filter).

January 18

No matter how secular it may appear, writing is actually a spiritual tool. We undertake it solo, and, not to be too facile with puns, it is worth noting that the word does have the word “soul” embedded in it. Moving alone onto the page, we often find ourselves companioned by higher forces, by a stream of insights and inspirations that seem somehow “other” than our routine thinking. 

From The Artist Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living

Julia Cameron

More soon :)
Photo 2012-01-14 12 09 40 AM

This Week on Twitter

  • Favourite cheap red. http://t.co/fxc1W1WF ->
  • I secretly love stores that wrap your items in tissue paper. http://t.co/8TmlzJB4 ->
  • Thanks @langdonmike for my snazzy winter mats! Installed and prepared for snow. http://t.co/uP8yPs9T ->
  • WTF when did Queensway Music close? ->
  • Ok @stephaniefusco, don’t let me down ;) http://t.co/BZH6uNH6 ->
  • More glitter. Never enough. http://t.co/8GLC8ZTl ->
  • I’m so confused. I just ordered sushi for pickup and she didn’t take my name or number. HOW WILL SHE KNOW? #mystery ->
  • Friends – who do you have car insurance with? ->
  • HOW can insurance vary so much from company to company with no explanation. $277 from one, $486 from another. ->
  • Calling insurance companies on a Friday night. I sure know how to party. ->
  • Paying all your bills in full is as satisfying as buying something new. #youknowyoureagrownupwhen ->
  • Canada is sending THREE trampoline athletes to the Olympics!! Congrats to @jasonburnett_ @RosieMacLennan @Karen_Cockburn :) #london2012 ->
  • It’s official, @aidansharp13 has the best sweater. http://t.co/hjebkTFP ->
  • I’m eating peanut butter straight out of a packet. This afternoon has hit a new low. ->
  • So it turns out that buying a car was pretty much the worst decision I’ve ever made. Without question. ->
  • Oh right, it’s January. ->
  • Does anyone else think The Star just stooped really low with the Kathy Ford story? I’m actually shocked. ->
  • Hardly a supporter but The Star took their Ford vendetta too far this time – Mayor’s sister has troubled past http://t.co/HDrYVSIb ->
  • Revealing post = highest traffic on my website ever. http://t.co/Le9k5YvJ haha thanks guys :) ->
  • Huh. Apparently people like it when I show my insecurities. Noted. http://t.co/CNVjlAJ0 ->
  • Nobody can recommend a good PR agency in Toronto for consumer clients? ->
  • Hey PR friends – what agencies would you recommend for a consumer packaged goods client in Toronto? ->
  • I have the prettiest iPad case :) (@rootscanada) http://t.co/0sHOm7iE ->
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Radio Silence


I’ve been pretty good about blogging consistently lately.

I love it.

It keeps me focused on the things that matter most to me**.

Surprisingly, yes, posting my recipe for brownies keeps me focused. Writing an open letter about language makes a difference in my life. Revealing my moments of self-doubt? Huge.

I guess I’m writing this post because I might not write as much in the coming weeks. Not because I don’t want to or because I’m running out of ideas. Far from it. There are exciting things coming up that need my attention. I’ll keep writing – but I need to challenge myself to do the things that scare me the most. One in particular.

I’m about to say something out loud that will make my life seem very real and daunting… Continue reading

first dance wedding song

Wedding Songs of the Future

I’ve been to more weddings for people I don’t know than people I do know. Being asked to sing someone’s first dance song *is* nerve-wracking but a huge honour.

So I’ve made a few predictions for wedding songs of the future:

Continue reading

This is how the pros blog. Right?

What You Missed This Week


Happy New Year!


- Remember that time my ex accidentally left questionable photos in my photo account after we broke up? Haha, me too.

- Let’s be honest. I’m just here for the pictures. My Year in Photos [Part One].

- I wrote a birthday blog post for my brother. Minor internet fame for your birthday. Best gift ever? Possibly.

- My Year in Photos [Part Two]. Next year: I need to take more photos.

This is how the pros blog. Right?

New blogs I’m reading this week

Hello Giggles – Zooey Deschanel: stop. You’re making us all look really, really lazy. Also, 12 year old writer, Mikaela Foster (and she’s Canadian!) is pretty stellar: Alternatives to ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It. “I’m enchanting, and when I really think deep down inside of me, I recognize it.”