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This is how the pros blog. Right?

What You Missed This Week


Happy New Year!


– Remember that time my ex accidentally left questionable photos in my photo account after we broke up? Haha, me too.

– Let’s be honest. I’m just here for the pictures. My Year in Photos [Part One].

– I wrote a birthday blog post for my brother. Minor internet fame for your birthday. Best gift ever? Possibly.

My Year in Photos [Part Two]. Next year: I need to take more photos.

This is how the pros blog. Right?

New blogs I’m reading this week

Hello Giggles – Zooey Deschanel: stop. You’re making us all look really, really lazy. Also, 12 year old writer, Mikaela Foster (and she’s Canadian!) is pretty stellar: Alternatives to ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It. “I’m enchanting, and when I really think deep down inside of me, I recognize it.”


Photo 2011-04-06 6 36 22 AM

my year in photos [part two]



See my year in photos [part one].


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What You Missed This Week



Merry Christmas!

You know that awkward few hours on Christmas afternoon between opening presents and dinner? (#firstworldproblems) Here’s some reading material for you.

– I threw a dinner party and by the looks of my photos, no one came. But I swear they did. Lots of food + mulled wine + muppets = successful party.

– Everyone likes lists. My Top 5 Moments of 2011.

– More lists. Ten Lessons I Learned in 2011. I think they’ll work for you too.



New blogs I’m reading this week:

Backstage Pass: National Ballet of Canada – I’m already in love + the design is perfect. Their backstage look at the Nutcracker was nothing short of heartwarming and beautiful.

UrbaneBloc“Fashion, culture, and urban life are gathered into a unique collective of imagery and words.” A long-time follower of this blog and never got around to mentioning it – for shame.

Toronto Public Library Blog – Did you know the TPL had a blog? I did not. Did you know it’s an Arts + Culture blog? Even better. Libraries are awesome and Toronto’s is hip. They predicted a Glee song a year in advance. Love the Waitresses Christmas tune.

Photo 2011-12-22 11 14 03 PM

Ten Lessons I Learned in 2011



10. It’s ok to be a fan of a Korean baby on Facebook
Looking back at childhood makes me laugh. Nothing was ever too problematic and celebrating small achievements was the norm. When did we stop thinking this was a good idea?

9. Go to museums and art galleries and theatre.
It’s never a waste of time or money.

8. It’s ok to put yourself on YouTube. No matter how much it makes you cringe.
Get over it.

7. Donate. 
Find a group that means something to you and support it in whatever way you can – clothing, money, time. You won’t notice that $15 coming out of your pocket every month. My personal choices are Oxfam Canada and Plan Canada (more on those next week).

6. Sometimes it’s ok to be defensive.
Sometimes there’s something to defend.

5. Make lists, cross things off them and carry on.
Organization is good. Not letting organization rule your life is better.

4. Wear heels, lipstick and colourful clothing.
Life is too short to not stand out.


3.  Friends are everywhere.
They might not be your age, they might be the exact opposite of you, hell, maybe they’re on Twitter. All of these things are ok.

2. Answer the question “what do you love?”
Then take a look at your life to see if you’ve made it a priority. Make it a priority.

1. Be really (really) proud of your achievements. 
Share them – it’s important.

Maybe start your own website ;)



Photo 2011-11-22 2 39 35 PM

Top 5 Moments of 2011



I love lists + I’m also somewhat sentimental.

This time of year is made for me.

Thanks to Facebook Timeline (which you all have today in case you haven’t noticed) I could review my year month-by-month and pick out the best moments. Continue reading

What You Missed This Week



– I broke up with an inanimate object. It’s also possible that I lost my mind. Excuse me, I’m breaking up with you.

– Apropo of nothing**, a short list of my weird celebrity crushes.

– Just when you think I’ll start talking about singing again! Wrong. Instead, I made

" href="http://www.katlangdon.com/2011/12/16/flourless-peanut-butter-and-jam-cookies-recipe/">flourless peanut butter and jam cookies and gave you the recipe.


**Does anyone else think of Sheryl Crow when they use this phrase?

New additions to the blogroll this week:

WildThing – Erica Peck is a theatre rockstar + WILDTHING Vintage owner.

Matt Giffin – Toronto musician + musical encyclopedia

Navy & Gold – Vintage Inspiration