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Wedding Songs of the Future: 2013 Edition

I wrote this post last year and it blows me away how popular it still is – the internet is neat. If you’re looking to book some wedding ceremony music or jazz cocktail for your reception, drop me a line!

Since I sing at a lot of wedding ceremonies and receptions throughout the year I thought I’d put on my wizard hat** and try to predict the future again.

**I know I should have said fortune teller but do they really have defined hats? I guess turbans, but I can’t pull of that look. Wizards though, they have hats with moons and stars on them. I could rock that.

Here’s my little list of songs that should will be popular for weddings in 2013:

For the quirky couple…Jason Mraz – Woman I Love

I know I recommended Mraz last year but you wouldn’t BELIEVE how on the nose I was with that one. This guy knows how to make the ladies swoon. I saw him live this summer (again) and my fandom is rock solid. This track is a little more pop sensible than the deeper album cuts but it’s perfect for a quirky bride and groom with a cute sense of humour.


For the down-home couple…Phillip Phillips – Home

I’d like to start by asking WHO would name their child Phillip Phillips? Moving on, I know this song has been everywhere this year but for good reason. The lyrics are universal and that Mumford sound is really popular right now. This song is perfect for the couple who want something uptempo and will have their guests singing along.


For the couple who’s keeping it real…Coral Egan – The Year He Drove Me Crazy

Don’t judge a song by its title. This song isn’t all sunshine and rainbows but the lyrics are real and beautiful and I dig that in a wedding song. I mentioned Coral a few weeks back and I think this would be the perfect choice for the last dance of the night. This song is so under the radar that I couldn’t even find a YouTube video for it! Check it out on iTunes.

For the couple who wants everyone to sing along, again…The Lumineers – Ho Hey

Have your wedding outside and let everyone just join in singing. Mostly because this might be awkward to dance to (never underestimate how important that is!) but it’s a cute tune.


For the modern couple who wants to be vintage…Madeline Peyroux – Dance Me to the End of Love

I’m indebted to my friend Laurel for introducing me to this album. Yes, it’s a few years old. Heck, people probably already use it. I added it to my set list if you’re looking *cough*. But I fell head over heels. I dare you to find a more beautiful lyric. This song is written by Leonard Cohen so you should just stop asking questions and listen.


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Brian Rose Band

Is this too much?

Mandatory Update: Album progress is slow but definitely moving forward. Holy hell though, if you ever want to run away from your goals, I don’t advise publishing them. This post haunts me on a daily basis. But, I’m simultaneously happy, frustrated and proud which must mean I’m on the right path. 

Progress is progress no matter what it looks like to me. I’ve got some really exciting things coming up and a lot of new projects to talk about: Continue reading

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This Week on Twitter

  • Favourite cheap red. http://t.co/fxc1W1WF ->
  • I secretly love stores that wrap your items in tissue paper. http://t.co/8TmlzJB4 ->
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  • Nobody can recommend a good PR agency in Toronto for consumer clients? ->
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  • I have the prettiest iPad case :) (@rootscanada) http://t.co/0sHOm7iE ->
first dance wedding song

Wedding Songs of the Future

I’ve been to more weddings for people I don’t know than people I do know. Being asked to sing someone’s first dance song *is* nerve-wracking but a huge honour.

So I’ve made a few predictions for wedding songs of the future:

Continue reading